Electronic Access Control from Hager powered by Salto

HS4 is more than a keyless access control system. It delivers a secure and seamless user experience while providing flexible and affordable management throughout a facility.  

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The HS4 electronic access control platform from Hager powered by Salto is a powerful and dynamic solution that provides tailored benefits to nearly every type of installation at a fraction of the upfront and ongoing costs.  

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What do you want from your keyless access control system?

Providing virtual keys through HS4 allows the decision of when and if those keys expire to be yours. HS4 virtual keys are protected with AES 128 bit encryption. HS4 deploys smart card technology, so cards, wristbands, key FOBs, stickers, or a smart phone are usable.

HS4 Electronic Access Control

System Architecture

The flexibility of HS4's system architectue allows the system to fit the unique needs of each property. All locks are wire-free, significantly reducing the hardware and labor costs. It also provides for more keyless access doors, givin you more control, convenience, and comfort. 

Budget Friendly

In today's world, more and more managers have to be budget conscious. The HS4 system is powered by Salto's ProAccess SPACE software and designed to be intuitive so administrators can quickly and easily navigate its many features.

HS4 Mini