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Easily Transition From Mechanical to Electronic Locks

It's a perfect opportunity to transition from mechanical to electronic locks. Hager powered by SALTO is offering a 2-Door Starter Kit with everything needed to get you started.

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Hager powered by SALTO 2-Door Starter Kit

What are some of the features?

Hager powered by SALTO

Using the SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) data-on-card technology and wireless standalone locks, we're able to combine real-time capabilities without using wires or mechanical keys. This 2-door system can be set up at the fraction of a cost of regular access control systems.


Our 2-Door Starter Kit Offers Security Flexibility Efficiency Usability 


Simple, Yet Powerful 4 Million Users 64,000 Doors Unlimited Access Levels 1,024 Zones 


Attractive Design Our hardware is modern and sleek with exceptionally clear LED signaling 

About Hager powered by SALTO

Hager Companies and SALTO Systems have been partnering together since 2017 to bring Salto’s cutting edge technology, Hager powered by SALTO, to the Contract Hardware Distribution channel. Hager powered by SALTO allows distribution to provide a full portfolio of mechanical, electrical, and electronic solutions to a building owner as well as delivering complete specification services for the entire package. 

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